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I have a long experience as a mentor, a workshop facilitator, and a consultant.​ I have worked with The School of Life, helping build their business workshops. I have provided training to large organisations in Europe: Google, Ikea, Fastweb, GlaxoCline are only some of the clients I have worked with. I planned award-winning campaigns and culture change projects.


The cost of one individual session is £200. A bundle of five sessions costs £900, while a bundle of eight costs £1400. Sessions are online.


If you are a bit broke, but you think I may help you, be in touch anyway: I have a number of low-income places.


All my sessions come with a tailored list of exercises, readings, talks, and art that may help you further.

To book, and to ask questions, be in touch.

We can sort out together what you specifically need, and the best​ way for me to help you.

If you want to buy a session straight away, for yourself or a friend, and sort out details later, click here:

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You want to explore a specific theme - character arc, research, writer's block - or you want help writing an entire book, fiction or nonfiction.

You want to learn how to craft the perfect email, the greatest pitch, a heartbreaking love letter.

You want to learn how to write more persuasively for work, to motivate your team, engage your clients, and get your message across.



You want to learn to express your thoughts in a relatable, and interesting, manner.

You want to be more persuasive, and more assertive.

You want to speak in public in a way that makes people listen not because they have to, but because they want to.



You are a bit stuck, a bit lost, and you want to change.


You stopped reading, you stopped having fun, and you want to start again.

You want back the sense of wonder you had as a child, without renouncing the lessons you have learnt as an adult.



You were just promoted to a leadership position, and your dark secret is, you have no clue what to do now.

You are starting a business and you want to know how to work with your employees.

You feel you have followed others for too long, and you want to learn to take charge, and move forward.



You want to do things your way, but you haven't found your way yet.

You want to paint, you want to play, you want to sculpt, you want to code. You want to make new things happen.

You want fresh ideas, or you want to know what to do with those you have.


We only get old when we stop growing up.

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