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These are my English books and comics. Cutting Edge is a translation from the French. everything else I wrote in English. None of the books is a translation, regardless of what random folks may say on Goodreads. I also published eight books in Italian, some of which were translated in other languages (Japanese makes me especially proud). Not in English, yet.

Never the Wind_final.jpg

Never The Wind

'He is, quite simply, one of the most wondrous writers of our time.'

Fortean Times

The Book Of Hidden Things

'A deeply felt look at the idea of home, clothed as a popcornworthy page-turner.'

Kirkus Review (Starred Review)

Book of Hidden Thing_cvr.jpg
That Sense of Wonder.jpg

That Sense of Wonder

'Dimitri is a charming, knowledgeable companion on the road to the rediscovery of wonder, something we could all do with a little of in our lives.'


The Bookseller (Editor's Choice)

Cutting Edge

'Cutting Edge is over 200 pages long and I read it in one sitting because it’s THAT phenomenal'

Cutting Edge_#1_COVER B.jpg
To Read Aloud Cover.jpg

To Read Aloud

''A rich tapestry of beauty and meaning. This treasure will crack your mind―and soul―open, both when read aloud and otherwise' 

Boing Boing

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