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As you may know if you are here, I do books, I do talks, I do mentoring, and a few more things, between London and the wilds of the Puglia countryside.

My work is informed by a search for wonder and a thirst for experience: we only lose our way in life when we forget what we live for. I help others remember - and I try not to forget myself.

I published eight books in Italy, then switched to English as my main writing language. I learned to write fiction in a second language as a grown-up. It's doable. Many things are doable, when we set our mind to do them.


I have been translated into a few more languages and won a few prizes.


Meanwhile, I helped individuals and companies to tune in to their emotional intelligence, so to think clearly, come up with new ideas, and communicate effectively.

Check out my writing, my mentorship offering, and whatever else you may want to check out.

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